Remarkable Women of Taos Exhibitions

2012 museum exhibitions that supported the theme of Remarkable Women

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Harwood Museum of Art

February 25-June 17
Agnes Martin: Before the Grid paintings dating from the late 1940s and 1950s,
Agnes Martin: Works on Paper honoring the centennial of artist’s birth,
Curator’s Wall installation: Michelle Cooke’s glass work, Poem. Co-curators: Jina Brenneman and Tiffany Bell
Related events:

  • March 23: Screening of Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World with Director Mary Lance
  • March 24: Conversations on Agnes: Day-long lectures about Agnes Martin March 25: Screening of Gabriel, Agnes Martin film
  • May 18, 25, June 1: “Tracking Agnes Martin: The Artist’s Journey”: Seminar on Agnes Martin’s development as an artist, headed by local artist-instructor-gallerist Jeremy McDonnell

March 22
Official 2012 Remarkable Women of Taos national media kickoff on the occasion of Agnes Martin’s 100th birthday. Speakers: Jina Brenneman, Ann Landi, Marsha Mason, Ilona Spruce. Organizers: Cathy Ann Connelly, Jeanne Kitzman, Joan Griffin, Susan Longhenry.
Film screening of “Remarkable Women of Taos: What’s in the Water?” Interviewees: Judy Anderson, Cherie Burns, Anpo Cash, Chrystalline Concha, Anna Cosentine, Veronica Golos, Carolyn Haddock, Nancy Jenkins, Teresa Loveless, Cristina Masoliver, Ali McGraw, Andrea Mayer, Suki Mierzejewski, Joleen Montoya, Virginia Morgan, Genevieve Oswald, Katy Palmier, Patricia Quintana, Carmela Quinto, Leslie Riegel, Lynne Robinson, Anita Rodriguez, Rena Rosenquist, Dawning Pollen Shorty, Christina Sporrong, Tanya Vigil, Kimberly Webber, Zoe Zimmerman. Filmmaker: Peter Walker; interviewer Krystina “Kiki” Siebenaler.
Evening event: Agnes Martin Centennial Birthday celebration at the Ranchos Trading Post Café.
Harwood Museum of Art Overall Coordinator: Susan Longhenry, Director.

July 7-October 14
Bea Mandelman: Collage honoring centennial of artist’s birth,
Bea Mandelman: The Social Realist Prints work done with the Works Progress Administration (WPA); Suspension of Disbelief: Frieda Lawrence, Gisella Loeffler, Ila McAfee, Barbara Harmon, Millicent Rogers paintings inspired by fantasy and aesthetic legacy of Art Nouveau and the Symbolists;
Curator’s Wall installation: Mimi Chen Ting. Curator: Jina Brenneman.
Related events:

  • April 26: “A Vital Place: The Art of Barbara Latham,” lecture by Teresa Hayes Ebie
  • August 24: Screening of the Mandelman-Ribak Foundation’s Oral History Project film “Douglas Dreishpoon Oral History Project: Women of Taos, edited by Ollie Bell. Featured women include Rosa Ellis Clark, Lilly Fenichel, Judith Kendall, Lisa Law, Joan Potter Loveless, Agnes Martin, Luchita Hurtado Mullican, Florence Pierce, Happy Price, Anita Rodriguez, Rena Rosequist, Stella Snead, Mildred Tolbert, Jenny Vincent, Kris Wilson.

Oct. 27-Jan. 27, 2013
Maye Torres: Unbound featuring cutting-edge, innovative drawings and sculptures by contemporary artist Maye Torres; Zero Gravity series in partnership with ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts), included works and portion of Amortec video by Taos artist Christina Sporrong. Curator: Jina Brenneman.


Millicent Rogers Museum

Millicent Rogers: The Power to Create, Collect, and Inspire the life, legacy and collections of Millicent Rogers
Maria Martinez: Matriarch of San Ildefonso life, pottery and influence of renowned potter Maria Martinez. Curator: Carmela Quinto.

March 16-April 15
Original Millicent Rogers Collection In 1953, Paul Peralta Ramos and Arturo Peralta Ramos, Millicent Rogers’ sons, established the Millicent Rogers Foundation to preserve their mother's collection. In 1956 they donated Millicent's handpicked assemblage of Navajo, Pueblo and Hispanic textiles, and Navajo, Zuni, and Santo Domingo jewelry. In 1980, Paul Peralta Ramos gifted the remaining portion of Millicent's Southwest Indian and Hispanic Collection. The objects in this exhibition come from those two gifts to the museum, Millicent's original collection. Curator: Carmela Quinto.

March 18-April 15
The Art of the Dress: Four Conceptual Fittings. Featured artists: Michelle Cooke, mixed media; Nancy Delpero, painter; Deborah Rael-Buckley, sculptor; and Zoe Zimmerman, photographer. Guest Curator: Deborah Rael-Buckley.

April 2-Dec. 31
Unknown Was a Woman All too often, important women in the art world go unnoticed. Features pottery, baskets, and weavings by women artists whose work crossed boundaries from creating utilitarian objects, to works of art. Additional featured Taos artists: Dawn Antelope, Eloisa Apachita, Juanita Suazo Dubray, Causandra Dukepoo, Lydia Garcia, Sophie and Frances Varos Graves, Zoriada Ortega, Marie Reyna, Virginia Romero, JoAnn Soge Track and Santa Clara potter Margaret Tafoya. Curator: Carmela Quinto.

June 1-Sept. 9
Millicent Rogers & Her Circle  Objects from the collection provide context for the social circles and friendships of Millicent Rogers, Dorothy Brett, Rebecca James and Martha Reed. Learn the stories of the buying and trading of collections between Millicent and Mabel Dodge Luhan. Curator: Carmela Quinto.


Taos Art Museum

March 30-June 17
Duane and Dora (Duane Van Vechten and Dora Kaminsky). Curator: Erion Simpson
Related event:

  • April 14: Taos Art Museum: “Dora Kaminsky: Another Look” lecture by Sara Ross Jenkins
  • Taos Historic Museums - E.L. Blumenschein Home

February 17-May 20
Out of the Background – The Women Artists of Early Taos The women artists of early Taos were often the wives, sisters, or daughters of their more prominent male counterparts. This exhibit brings their art to the forefront. Artists: Dorothy Schmalhorst Benrimo, Helen Greene Blumenschein, Mary Shepard Greene Blumenschein, Lucille Blazo Wrenn Couse, Virginia Walker Couse, Rebecca Salsbury Strand James, Dora Kaminsky, Barbara Latham, Helen Campbell Martin, Ila McAfee. Curator: Anita McDaniel.
Related event:

  • April 15: “Picturing Mary Greene Blumenschein and Helen Greene Blumenschein” lecture by Elizabeth Cunningham.

May 25-Sept. 16
Remarkable Women, Remarkable Prints: contemporary printmakers of Taos Barbara Brock, Jan Ellen Burke, Erica Collins, Angie Coleman, Sabine Core, Catherine V. de Brito, Jan Dorris, Jennifer Lindsley, Carla O’Neal, Betsy Pierce, Amy Rankin, Fatima P. Rigsby, Abby Salsbury, Jan Sessler, Robbie Steinbach, Cyndey Taylor, Karla Wetmore, Joyce Wimer, Bonnie Zirkel. Curator/Co-organizers: Anita McDaniel, Gary Cook.

September 21-February 3
Barbara Sayre Harmon – Magic and Mystery traces artist’s 60-year painting career in Taos. Curator: Anita McDaniel


Taos Historic Museums - Martinez Hacienda

June 15-June 2013
Cultural Threads – Nellie Dunton and the Colcha Revival in New Mexico 1930s revival of colcha, a Spanish Colonial embroidery stitch, using Nellie Dunton’s hand-colored plates. Curator: Anita McDaniel

July 20-August 26
Uncovered: Handmade Books by Taos Women. Jamie Ash, Claire Cote, Martha Daley, Gail Goodwin, Linda Gottlieb, Sara Jean Gray, Nancy B. Henderson, Carolyn Hinske, Joy Purcell, Jill Rounds, Patty Sheehan, Robbie Steinbach, Julie Wagner, Sandra Williams, Maggi Younger, Kaylynn Twotrees. Presented by Taos Book Arts Group: Contemporary book artists employing printmaking, drawing, painting, photography, fiber arts, poetry and sculpture. Curator: Anita McDaniel